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Start with the base machine and frame (you select the frame size), then build from there to create a quilting system that is completely customized to your style of quilting. Call Sew Much Smarter (406-864-8000) to discuss  available options so we can help you create your perfect machine that will complement you quilting needs.

The Innova 22" Quilting System is perfect for any machine quilters, and it is Innova's most popular system. This is a complete quilting system. The base package includes:

  • Innova Pro-Frame sized from 4' to 12' - you select the size that works for you (an option for 14' is also available)
  • 22" x 11" Innova longarm sew head with
    • Front and rear handlebars
    • Laser light mounted on the back of the machine
  • Programmable speed control
  • Needle up/down setting
  • Disengaged hand wheel (it's easy to reach too)
  • Integrated articulating light
  • Leaders
  • Hopping foot (1/4" offset)
  • M-size bobbin
  • Bobbin winder
  • Tool kit

Machine options to consider for the Innova 22" Quilting System include:

  • Stitch Regulation. You have three choices:
    • Standard Stitch Regulation. The stitch regulation screen is adjustable from the front of the machine but is located by the back of the throat bed.
    • Pro-Touch Stitch Regulation. The screen is on the front of the machine which makes it super easy to adjust your stitch length.
    • Lightning Stitch: The premium digital stitch regulator that's ten times more sensitive that other stitch regulators (because it's digital). It mounts on the front of the machine.
  • Thread Break Sensor so the machine will beep if the bobbin goes empty or the thread breaks
  • PantoVision - Innova's patented tablet-computer system that allows you to stitch out pantographs while working from the front of the machine. The system allows you to scale your pantographs and it even allows you to stitch out individual blocks in the same way you would stitch out a pantograph.
  • Navigator

In addition to the machine options, there are also accessories you can add to your Innova 22" Frame System. Visit the Innova Accessories & Kits page for more information.

With every machine we sell, we include delivery, installation and on-site training. Plus you have the backing of Innova's famous 24/7 tech support - really you'll have tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


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