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Every Innova frame system comes with the impressive Pro-Frame. Read on to learn more ...

The commercial quality Innova Pro-Frame is designed to maximize your efficiency and ease of use. It comes with rigid 2" diameter stainless steel fabric poles, Innova’s unique infinitely adjustable EZ Lock brake system, laminated table tops, and two side clamps with tensioning bands. The gas-assisted top fabric pole lifting system provides easy access to straighten and inspect batting. This feature is critical to the discerning quilter. The Pro-Frame has Innova’s unique fabric take-up compensator that eliminates the need for raising and lowering as the quilt take up roll increases in diameter.

The frame is designed with plenty of free space below the front lifting bar which allows the quilter to sit comfortably at the Innova if desired. The Innova Pro-Frame's stationary compensator roller maintains a perfectly level quilting bed and ensures your quality stitches. The EZ Lock roller system allows for infinite adjustment of fabric tension, which is critical for stitching reliability. Two nylon side tension clamps with adjustment straps are also included.

The Innova® Pro Frame includes high quality canvas leaders and sturdy 3/4” laminated table tops that are perfect for placing pantographs. When your longarm is not in use the table top can double as a sewing or cutting table. The Innova Pro-Frame has six adjustable self-leveling legs and perforated extensions, so it can be adjusted up to 13” to accommodate your desired quilting height. Its unique modular construction allows for the addition of accessories at any time. Feel free to customize your frame with our many available options. Casters are also available as an added option.

Frame Specifications

  • "Pro Frame"Perforated 1.5" square extruded aluminum tubing with 1/8” wall, clear anodized aluminum
  • Frame can be ordered 6', 8', 10', 12', 14' or a custom size
  • Adjustable height from 30"-42"
  • Includes Leaders
  • Machine leveling legs
  • Gas assisted lifting top fabric roller
  • Adjustable two bar take-up roller system
  • Adjustable stationary quilt backing roller
  • Rollers are 2" diameter stainless steel
  • EZ Lock infinite adjustment roller system
  • Manual Channel Locks
  • Super Glide Carriage System
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